Flexible Copper Connectors

Construction and Application

These connectors are manufactured from highly flexible tapes , which are braided from annealed Cu-ETP wires, and solderless contact areas pressed from seamless Cu-ETP tubes.

Except bare wires and uncoated contact areas, we also manufacture these parts from tinned wires and tin coated contact areas.

You can also ask for L or U shapes except than straight shape. It is possible to manufacture contact areas and the laps according to customers' special designs.

You are totally free to choose the drilling type and hole diameter as you wish.

If insulation is needed, there are choices as PVC, silicone or heat shrinking tubes as well as extruded PVC.

Technical Data


  • 0,10 - 0,20 mm annealed Cu ETP wires , uncoated or tinned

Contact Areas

  • seamless Cu ETP tubes , uncoated - tinned or silver coated
  • solderless pressed


  • non-insulated or insulated ( PVC , shrinking or silicone tubes )

Data Table