About Us

Teknolabor, intend to manufacture side-industry production for electronics and electrics sector had been established in 1966. But with the directions of continuous progressing technologies and new philosophies, it had chosen the way to become an expert in a single field. in this way, it had solely headed towards the electrics sector; with improving and renewing its product spectrum it had became a specialist at manufacturing flexible cables.

Teknolabor, intend to sen products abroad, had previously utilized from marketing experts; after that, with the market conditions which bring on development and expansion it had actually begun to export to Europe and Middle-East beginning from 1999.

Teknolabor, with documenting quality management system, formed before hand, in 2003; had proved that it has been working at world standard both in product and service quality and with the environmental protection conscious.

Teknolabor, while performing the changeable needs and expectations of its clients in flexible cable manufacturing; with its developing quality understanding,honesty experience and the acquired technology it goes on to be the pioneer in its sector.